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Change log

iPuissance 4D

Version 6.13 (2010-09-05)

  Features Added:
   o  Portable version in PortableApps self-extractible format.

   o  In-Game Chat: Only keep 2 lines visible (instead of 5).

  Bug Fixed:
   o! Fix portable version missing DLLs.
   o  Improved bug report.

Version 6.12 (2010-08-15)

  Features Added:
   o  Support multi-user settings.

  Bug Fixed:
   o! Support Windows Vista/7 out of the box.
   o! Catch and allow reporting unhandled exceptions and bugs.
   o  Various bug fixes.

Version 6.11 (2009-04-16)

  Bug Fixed:
   o! Fixed login issue (which wasn't always sent correctly).

Version 6.10 (2009-02-27)

  Features Added:
   o! French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch translations.
   o  Save local player types (now Human vs Computer by default)

   o! Game resource in a ZIP file, easy to customize the game.
   o! New network communication system.
   o  Don't show the starting blue console unless there's a problem.
   o  Don't display the splash screen after the second game execution.
   o  In game: Renamed "END GAME" to "LEAVE".
   o  Rules menu: Right click to select previous.
   o  Main menu: Sparks sounds removed.

  Bug Fixed:
   o! Dropping a green counter in a column with a single counter in Special.
   o  Using a new resource manger:
      - Cache and share resources
      - Removes some memory leaks
      - Safer
   o  Improved CPU peaks handling.
   o  Catch and handle better exceptions.
   o  Fixed possible image pixels access bug.
   o  Fixed grid rendering without particles option.
   o  Fixed console error printing word wrap.

Version 6.05 (2008-05-27)

   o Updated manual and translated in French.
   o Chat room: The DEL key now only deletes the character under the cursor.
   o Chat room: More intelligent name selector.
   o Updated link to ipuissance4d.beroux.com.
   o Chat room: After you click on a player in the list, select the user message control.

  Bug Fixed:
   o Always display the loading screen
   o Use the latest SDL 1.2.13
   o Some refactoring that should fix unknown bugs.

Version 6.04 (2006-05-12)

  Features Added:
   o In game: Word wrap for the chat messages.
   o Copyright notice.

   o Nicer particle effects (on slow computers specially).

  Bugs Fixed:
   o User name can be 12 characters long, not only 11.
   o Fixed the DrawFPS command that gave wrong values.

Version 6.03 (2006-02-16)

  Features Added:
   o Nice looking 2D grid option (for people who don't like the rotating grid).
   o In game: Display a message in the middle of the screen when the opponent left the game.
   o In game: Highlight the last dropped counter(s).
   o In game: F1 to F10 shortcut to drop a counter in a given column.
   o In game: Right mouse button cycle between available counter types.
   o Chat room: Possibility to modify the chat message by moving the cursor.
   o Chat room: AFK detection and status display.
   o Chat room: Enable players' list scrolling.
   o Chat room: Clicking a player in the list append it's name in the chat message.
   o Chat room: "Join Now!" link for the guests (that you can click).
   o Chat room: Display a Beroux.com link (that you can click).

   o In game: "/msg OPP_NAME " as default start for the chat.
   o In game: Smaller END GAME button (to avoid mixing with last column of 10x10 grid).
   o In game: Chat paste function improvement.
   o In game: Don't display the "TIME LEFT" panel when there is no time limitation.
   o Chat room: Keep 200 chat lines instead of 50.
   o Chat room: Don't make the window flash when a player changes state.
   o Chat room: Wheel scrolling only affects the panel under the cursor.
   o Chat room: "/msg PLAYER" improvements.
   o Some A.I. improvements, specially for the Classic.
   o F10 console key has been moved to F12.
   o Game more reactive, especially on slower machines.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o 2D grid on slow PC, the delete counter bug.
   o Possible rare bug on the internet fixed.
   o Nicknames can generate sounds.

Version 6.02 (2006-01-02)

  Features Added:
   o Tutorials to start an internet game (Windows only).
   o Send PING every so and then to check the connexion.

   o To close MessageBox you have to click on the OK button.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Fixed: After loading two games with time limits, the game crash.
   o Fixed resize bug on Linux X11.
   o Converted most char* to string.
   o Converted most printf to stream commands.
   o Sounds samples are checked before being played.

Version 6.00 (2005-11-27)

  Major Changes:
   o New user interface.
   o Linux support.
   o Robust internet connexion that supports firewall and player chat.
   o New game rules and clear setup of the rules.
   o New visual effects.
   o Installation setup file.
   o More stable game.

Version 5.03

  Features Added:
   o Update for Windows XP.

Version 5.02

  Features Added:
   o Added a "Motion blur" effect when a 3D counter is falling.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Bug of the quick click on a column resolved.

Version 5.01

  Features Added:
   o Artificial Intelligence to play alone.
   o Connexion quality increased.
   o You can chose a 2D or a 3D grid.
   o Added a console (key "²").
   o Special characters now supported.
   o 2 players can easily play on the same computer.
   o New special rules added.
   o Other details

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Many bugs resolved.

Version 4.01

  Features Added:
   o With the WBC Server you can easily find an opponent on Internet.
   o Executable file tree times smaller.
   o Special rules.
   o Some FPS acceleration.
   o Translated into French.
   o An easy auto update system.
   o New connexion management.

  Bugs Fixed:
   o Small bugs resolved and other upgrades.
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