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Server upgrade – 2012-07-05
Yesterday evening the server upgrade went out well. If you experienced any kind of disturbance it should be fixed by now.
Maintenance – 2011-10-17
A major upgrade happened on our server and may lightly perturbe the game experience. This upgrade fixes some minor glitches.
Server Maintenance – 2010-12-15
That was an important server upgrade happened last night which blocked the access for a couple of hours.

Thank you for your understanding.
Fixed wrong account password – 2010-08-10
You probably had a message like "wrong user or password" while connecting to the game lately. This should have been fixed by now.

All you have to do is re-login on the forum once and your password should work again in the game.
Server down for a short time – 2010-07-28
The server had to be stopped a short time today.
Server Maintenance – 2010-07-03
The whole server has been reinstalled and most of its functions should be back to normal except for the database. Due to a failure of a backup, all accounts created/forum posts/games played this year have been lost.
Fixed login problem – 2009-04-15
Most people couldn't log in using their username and password. This has been fixed in the new version of the game. Please download and install iPuissance 4D 6.11 to fix the issue.
Server fix – 2009-03-02
Some important bugs have been found on the new server and two have been fixed:
- Playing counters bugs.
- Lost connexions bug.
- Bot missing.
iPuissance 4D version 6.10 Released – 2009-02-27
New important game update. Majors changes include translation in different languages, some interface improvements, new network connexion, fixed bug in Special and more.
Recent disturbance – 2008-10-24
Recently the server got some updates and different fixes which caused some trouble. Everything should be working now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Forfeit server update – 2008-10-18
The server has been updated, you don't have to do anything to get profit from the new changes, just come and play online.

The command /forfeit is now working again and it has been improved. You can ask /forfeit when your opponent stopped playing for a long time.

Other changes has been done including bug fixes and the robot come back.
Subscription via the Forum Fixed – 2008-05-29
The forum was fixed allowing people to register again finally. The problem was caused by some bug in the phpBB upgrade script.

Today also the server has been updated again today for small fixes.
iPuissance 4D 6.05 Released – 2008-05-27
This new release is the first release since a long time. It fixes some minor bugs and adds some small improvements.

More important probably, the high score updates should be working again for people having an account.

Account creation however is still broken. I hope to find time to fix it and I'd like to thanks all those supporting me at the same time.
User and password fixed – 2008-04-27
It has been long time to fix the server especially the user and password access.

Good news, the login works again. To login with your user name and password if you've already registered you'll only need to log in on the forum once before it'll work again in the game.

Other good news will be coming shortly.
Server down? – 2007-08-17
During the last days the server encountered some difficulties. Some times the whole website was down because of that. Some problems have been solved, others remain until now unknown.

In order to be more stable the game may move to a new server, in which case you won't have anything to do. Everything would be completely transparent.

The game server has to be on-line 24h/24. Please excuse me for the troubles.
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