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Download the Linux/X11 version


iPuissance 4D version 6.03 (2006-02-16) (3.52 MB) for Linux/X11


  1. Download the file to your computer.
  2. Open the folder where you have downloaded that file and un-compress it (with a tar -xzvf ipuissance4d-linux.tar.gz for example).
  3. Open the newly created folder.
  4. Read the file README with your favorite text reader (for example with a vi README).
  5. (Optionnal) Your can create your own login for free.

Next, you can read the How to Play section of this website. You can find there solutions if you have difficulties, learn how to play, and improve your skill.

System requirements

  • PC
  • 3D acceleration card 100% compatible OpenGL®
  • Pentium® III 500 MHz or equivalent
  • 10 MB free disk space
  • Multiplayer minimum configuration :
  • Internet acces (TCP/IP) with 28.8+ modem, or LAN (TCP/IP)
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