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Promote the game iPuissance 4D

You like the connect 4 game and you would like to make it more well know? Then tell others.

  • Download.com - You have to register to vote but it's the N'1 of the download.
  • Softpedia - Then click in the list in the left menu.
  • Tell your friends.

E-Mail - If you have other ideas to promote the game.

Why shoud I promote iPuissance 4D?

The game is provided free of charge but it is not free. Instead of getting money for my work, I've to pay for the server. You want more players, more functions. So you should promote it. By promoting the game more players will come. The more players and feedbacks I have, the more I'm willing to improve the game.

If you don't, other crap games will get all the players because the people working on them spend their time to make advertisings instead of making the game.

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